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Hi all, my name is Xander Steenbrugge a 28-year old engineer from Belgium, fascinated with technology!

I studied electrical engineering at the university of Ghent and added a second masters degree in business economics after that to get a feel of the start-up-world.
I got introduced into the world of AI and Machine Learning during my masters thesis on Brain-Computer interfaces where I was working on motory imagery classification from EEG signals in the motor cortex. It actually took me a while to realize the huge application potential of Machine Learning (at the time neural nets were not very famous yet and so I was using mostly traditional ML techniques like LDA, SVM's, ...).

Ever since, I've been fascinated by the prospect of Artificial Intelligence, both on a technological and more philosophical level.

In 2015 I started working as a Machine Learning engineer in a belgian startup called ML6 where I was working on cutting-edge machine learning projects for a wide range of clients (retail, industry, banking, ...) think image classification, chatbots, demand forecasting, recommendation engines, ...

After a while I started realizing that I had always been very interested in state-of-the-art research and consulting projects often don't give you the flexibility to dive deep into the technical aspects since you are bound to a budget and time constraints.

As such I recently started a PhD in Deep Learning based robotics in collaboration with ML6 and the University of Ghent where I am mostly focussing on representation learning (disentanglement, VAE's, causality, ...) for Reinforcement Learning applications.

Because of this I read a lot of papers and through my YouTube channel I try to make those insights accessible to as many people as possible, because good ideas are worth spreading!
For a nice introduction into the online AI/ML landscape resources I use for staying up to date, check out my blogpost here:

I'm currently running this channel entirely by myself and 100% in my spare time, so any help is super welcome! (A single video, in total, takes about 40 hours of time to make, most of which is spent on editing!)

Hoping you find my channel useful!
Enjoy your day,
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