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Access to the Voting Poll posts, help decide what I'll draw next, including comics, animations, and Choose Your Own Adventure short series!

Thank you!!
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*Suggestive Stance*

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Get a second vote for the polls (Used by commenting on the polls themselves).
Access to the Suggestion Posts made right before a Poll! Feed me ideas for them projects, big and small!!
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About Asbie

Welcome to my new and revamped patreon page!

Previously, meant as a way to easily commission me, now I’m using patreon as a means to crowdfund bite-size projects such as comics, animations, image sequences, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure sequences, high tier illustrations and the like!

Keeping things short and sweet, I want to work on these projects and involve you guys in them! I think having you guys vote and suggest on what to work and how to develop certain things is the sweet spot, discord/stream interaction aside!

So! What comes with your pledge?

$2 up include:
Absolute, total access to the whole patreon gallery. I am as anti paywall as it gets, if it were for me, I’d have my gallery open lol. Includes full res artworks, wips when posted, etc etc
Access to the discord server and my community feeds there. Remember you can stay in the server for as long as you like, regardless of you remaining a patron or not!
You may request any .psd file of anything I make, just let me know you want it!

$5 up includes:
Access to the voting polls, before every big project and every now and then for itsy sized images and stuff! This includes the CYOAs as well!

$10 up includes:
An extra vote for the polls (you may use these in the comments of the polls themselves).
Access to the suggestion posts to feed me ideas and recommendations before them big and small projects, that will then be used in the polls.

$15 up includes:
A third and final vote for the polls.
Universal 10% off in any commission you may get while you remain a patron. Other discounts will be additive.
Be a possible cameo in comics and other content if fitting! *Exclusions may apply depending on the comic theme*

$50 include:
Special access to a Discord Chill Art Stream once or twice a month, where we can voice chat and I’ll draw for the people in it. Don’t consider this a request stream, more like a fun chat while I doodle suggestions and stuff lol. Limited to 10 people, cuz anything beyond that becomes a twitch chat :s

$60 includes:
A token for a color sketch character. These CAN’T be stacked beyond 3, and will deprecate if not redeemed after 3 months. Commission ToS & rules still apply.


And that's about it! I'm still experimenting with this system and I'm always down for improvements down the line, let me know what you think of this as I put work onto the big projects and stuff!

Thank you a million times for supporting me through out these years, here's for many more of happy lewding and great content!!
-Asbie <3
$699.46 of $1,000 per month
If support ever, EVER gets this huge, I'll commit to making Freebie Request streams every month (albeit exclusive to patrons to avoid a massive, chaotic Twitch-like stream chat).
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