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Pendulum for Source players.  Collect pendulums pieces of art.  $20 per month. 
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I'm delighted to present to humanity, “Ascension Chakra Balancer.” This powerful tool comes with a 28 page workbook. Inside its pages is a method to make positive healing transformational breakthroughs in your life, within seven amazing days. <br><br>Along with this introductory, you receive...The Ascensions Oil Mastery Kit, a sample signature crystal rose oil, (which helps create the beauty within you on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.) It is specifically designed to help you think clearer, feel more love and balance in your life..<br><br>You can purchase individual crystals to add to your oil collection in order to help you get the desired effects. Or join tier 3 Ascension Club to get monthly specials of crystals, oils, and jewelry. <br><br>Also you can join the Ascension Oil support group. With discussions on the important attributes of empowerment energy. <br><br>This new found energy aids in the healing of your physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. Along with Secret Universal truths that lead to experiencing our infinite expanded spirit. <br>




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About Ascension Angels

Sherilyn Bridget Avalon is an amazing spirit that is on a mission to expand the human spirit by introducing it to a multi-dimensional life scope. She is one of the cutting edge inspirational motivators of the new millennium with her art and crystal paintings. 
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