Sidheman is creating Gaming Content and Livestreams

Sid Squad Selection

$1.99 /mo
-Influence what games I play next

-Access to Patreon Only newsletters

-Stream and YT credit/acknowledgement

Live High Five

$4.99 /mo
-Custom greeting when you enter chat

-Previous benefits

AI Says Hi

$14.99 /mo
-Custom chat bot command/response

-Previous benefits

Squad Favorite

$24.99 /mo
-Audio played with your chat greeting or bot command

-Extra special thank you/shoutout on Stream and YT videos

 -Previous benefits 

Squad Choice

$35 /mo
-More sway in game choice/YT series

-Personalized thank you card

-Direct shoutout/personal thank you every stream/video

 -Previous benefits 

Meet Me at the Bar

$50 /mo
-First choice for game choice/YT series

-First choice for multiplayer squad

 -Previous benefits