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About Ascetic Experience

The Holy Mount Athos is the last orthodox monastic state in the world with a tradition of more than 1700 years. The monks there are living in a spiral of time through their daily lives patiently chasing their inner harmony. There is no world crisis there because ultimately, this crisis is a product of our minds. When contemplated against eternity, the events of daily life are so minimal, meaningless, and temporal. is a excellent site depicting the spiritual life from Mount Athos through wonderful images and short spiritual teachings in an immersive experience which relies upon the support of the Holy Great Monastery of Vatopaidi, but also on the generosity of subscribers and supporters. The Monastery has endless demands upon its resources as well as countless souls pleading for spiritual and material support at a time of great difficulty in Greece and neighboring countries.

The site is updated daily with:
  • unique photos from the Holy Mountain
  • spiritual counsel and advice of the Holy Fathers and Mothers
  • wisdom from ancient and contemporary sages

However we cannot dedicate resources to our spiritual work at large, including this site, without your help. Please consider a donation, or if you can, please consider a monthly subscription. This will help us maintain and expand our spiritual service as well as document the unique world which is Mount Athos. Please share on Facebook, so that the site may become as widely known as possible.

May God be with you.
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