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1x2 Plate With Handle
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Get access to behind the scenes updates and high resolution renders of my projects. I'll also credit you on my Twitch channel. 

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Exactly the same benefits as lower tiers. Just that much more support. 

Erling Brick
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Exactly the same as the other tiers, this is just here if you want to support me that much extra. 




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About Asgardian Studio

I design and build custom Lego creations digitally in Studio, live on twitch. Most of my process is streamed, from idea, to physical prototype, then to a full set of instructions. The designs are then published to Bricklink and Rebrickable. All of my designs are made with you being able to build them in mind, even the largest 10,000+ piece designs. I also take commissions. Thanks for your support! Happy building! 
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This will cover some basic costs, allowing me to devote more to getting pieces, hardware upgrades, and overall improvements to the stream and my design process. 
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