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Please support my journey and my community work as I do my best to make a difference here in Bali 🙏🏽

Hi, my name is Ash and I am a kiwi living in Bali. I’m an energy healer, soul coach, yoga and meditation guide, healing retreat host and crystal healing jewellery maker.

I do A LOT of volunteer work. I am currently working with 3 organizations.

The first is Kampoeng English. Every Saturday evening I help a young Indonesian lady teach the local kids in Mengwi village English. I am also slowly introducing them to yoga and meditation too. We often take the kids on field trips and expose them to other cultureal practices such as Brazilian capoeira. These young children do not have access to these kinds of resources or opportunities but we hope that through Kampoeng English that this will change.

The second is Baliwise. Baliwise houses and educates young Indonesian girls from all over Indonesia, here in Bali. These young girls come from impoverished families. With the help of Baliwise, these young girls are trying to break free from the poverty cycle and acquire employment for the first time. They are fragile, under-confident and struggling with their current social position, as well as dealing with the tripes of being young teenage girls.

I teach these young women yoga and meditation every Saturday morning. I am also currently trying to reach out to local businesses here in Bali to give the girls work experience and/or job opportunities.

The third is my Tarung Derajat dojo called Tohjiwa. It's a dojo operated and attended by Balinese locals. I am the only Westerner. Very few people speak English. The dojo has asked me to teach yoga, meditation and English to the families that attend. I also do energy healing for the members.

On Monday and Friday nights after class you'll often find me there until late teaching my Tarung Derajat teacher English or doing late night callouts for energy healing.

Outside of this, I am also teaching my Bali mum’s son English so he can get work opportunities abroad when he finishes school. I am also considering teaching the local kids in my neighbourhood English too...

I do all of this on a volunteer basis. Kampoeng English and Baliwise are not-for-profit organisations. As for my dojo family and the locals, I do not charge because they are not wealthy people and are instead are trying to make ends meet, whilst trying to provide the best they can for their children.

The challenge with being a healer is not in the giving but in the receiving. So I have set up this site to not only help support the work that I do but also myself - to provide myself with the freedom to continue doing this beautiful and meaningful work. 

I love these organizations and the work I am doing through them. I am hoping that this site will enable me to do more.

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