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The Price of an Ebook

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A dollar goes a long way, and in this case it will get you an ebook copy of my debut novel Rebel With A Cause (if you want it, of course). If YA/teen fiction isn't your thing, no worries. ...

Create A Character

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Pledge $3 and you will be able to create a character to be included in one of my stories! Your character could end up in one of my current or future stories. Who knows? Maybe the character you crea...

Get Early Access to Chapters!

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I post my stories on Wattpad & Inkitt one chapter a week, but I write them faster than that. $5 patrons will get access to these chapters as soon as I write them, so (maybe) no more waiting a w...

Personalised Fanfic!

$10 /mo
You will get to request a short fanfic (up to 2,500 words) based on one of my stories (WIP or published). Do you wish Kaitlyn had ended up with Marcus instead of Carter? Want to know what would've ...

Fantastic Feedback

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Are you a writer too? Pledge $15 and I will read ONE chapter of your story, or a short story up to 2,500 words, and give you actually helpful feedback. Please note: all feedback is sub...

Super Patron!

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Pledge $20 or more and your name will appear in the back of any and all books that I publish, provided you are still a Patron at time of publishing.

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