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Hi Friends!  
Many of you have suggested I start a Patreon account for my YouTube channel over the last year, and I’ve been STAUNCHLY opposed.  (Yes, I’m stubborn. 😉)  I created my plant channel to share my love and knowledge of plants, and sharing enriches my life so very much!  I am truly passionate about plants and all things horticulturally related, and sharing my knowledge with others is just a natural extension of that.  I didn’t think when I started the channel anyone would find it, because I never shared links or even told my closest friends and family about it!  I was just doing videos to practice talking to the camera, in case SOMEDAY I decided to do an actual plant channel.  But somehow people found me none the less, and what was meant to be practice turned into the actual project!  And I’m SO incredibly blessed that it did, because it’s been a blast!  

This year I am doing so many things differently in my life, and one of those is letting myself receive love from others.  I enjoy giving, but receiving has always made me VERY uncomfortable.  It has felt wrong somehow...  like I’m taking something from others without properly earning it.  So for 2018 my goal is to be open to giving AND receiving.  And to rest in the knowledge that just as it brings me joy to give, it also brings others that same joy to give to me.  
So when I again stated getting suggestions in the beginning of Jan to start a Patreon account so people could contribute to my plant videos etc, if desired; as much as I reacted internally with “HECK NO!  I’m not doing this to make money I’m doing this because I love it!  And if people see a Patreon link they will think I’m just trying to start a business, not that this is truly my love and I WANT to share freely!”  After the initial reaction died down, my internal voice of guidance said quietly “But what if they WANT to share with you and help you?  Is what you want (not to be viewed as trying to get money) so much more important than what other people want?  And if they want to share isn’t that beautiful?  Why would you want to stop that?”
So even though it scares me, and I never want anyone to feel obligated, I am choosing to believe that only those who really want to share will, and that through their sharing something beautiful will happen!  I will use any funds to enrich my video content.  Either by purchasing books to review etc., products to review, plants to discuss, etc.  And am entirely open to ideas on how to use any funds donated here, and am incredibly humbled that people even asked if they could help in some way!  This journey is taking me in directions I never expected, but it’s beautiful and exciting!  
I hope soon to have some special content for donators, which may take a little time.  But in the meantime I will continue to put out content on YouTube for everyone as I am able!

Thank you again for visiting this page, and being a viewer on YouTube!  

Blessed by love,


P.S. For those of you like me, who are not familiar with Patreon;  you do NOT have to make a monthly contribution you can make a one time contribution if you would like to!  I’m not into monthly stuff myself, I just like to donate what I feel like right then.  
They have this set up a little confusing.  When you go to donate it will say you are committing to donate $1.00 every month. After you click “ok” or “donate” you will be taken to a page where you can adjust the amount.  But it will still say you are committing monthly.
In order to donate only once, you just need to put in the amount you wish to donate, and then proceed with the transaction as if you were committing to that much every month.  After you complete the process, you just have to wait till your first “months” donation is processed (and you will get an email telling you that has happened) at which point you just cancel your “subscription” or commitment, at which point no other charges in future months will take place.  I understand Patreon is trying to get people to commit to ongoing support for artists and creators, but I really think a one time option would be helpful.  But for now, this works well, and a lot of people only do one time contributions, not monthly.  I personally have supported others on Patreon even though I never used it for myself, and it worked quite well just doing a one time payment and then canceling.  But since I don’t doing like ongoing monthly donations, I thought I would mention this. 😉

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