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About Ashura Tarot Advisors

My name is Ashura and I hail from a small coastal village in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been both a life student and master at Ancient Divination Techniques. From a young age, I always had the feeling that my life's experiences were to help and guide Humanity to reach a higher vibration through teaching. My young life was challenging,and eventful, yet something inside me knew that I had been sent back to this dimension to make a difference in the world. I was challenged to break free from a life that tied me down and expand my mind in ways I could never imagine was possible. My ruling birth Planet is Jupiter (The Guru), and one of my missions in this lifetime is to bring that "Guru energy" into my life and teachings.  Through my journey  so far, I have mastered the arts of a interpreting Divine messages through various sources including: Tarot, Hydromancy, Numerology, Energetic Transmutation, Emotional Healing and Release. Through these many years, I have brought many people back to their best lives through my readings and work. In my previous lives, I feel that I was somehow blocked from doing the great work I always felt I was compelled to do on this Planet. This time around, I want to use my time remaining on this Planet to complete the journey I came here to accomplish, which is:
  • To teach and develop other Lightworkers and Readers around the Globe the ancient arts of Tarot Reading and Divination, and to uphold the old principles of our Universal Masters who came before us. To encourage Readers to uphold the highest ethics in their readings and to develop their Psychic minds, to properly awaken and use their third eye when engaging with their Seeker of Light (clients). 
With your support, I will be able to focus on my mission here - and bring about change in the world through my teaching as I am wanting to persue this as a full time mission. 
Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

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