Asker212reksA is creating Entertainment videos

$1 /creation
I will send a personal email thanking you and add your chosen name (youtube account?) to the end of my next video.

$5 /creation
All above +
I will have a personal Skype conversation with you. Where we can talk about my next video or something that you'd like me to do.

$10 /creation
All above +
I will add your name to my description. If you want any help with editing, I will gladly help.

$25 /creation
All above +
If you like my editing style, I can make a short video or intro for you.

$100 /creation
All above +
I will help and plan your next video with you with Skype or other tools !
I will write my name in ink on my hand and make a cool video about it.

$1,000 /creation
All above +
Every video I make will have your name in the beginning. I will send the first sample of every video and merchandise I have and make to you directly.