is creating Roguelike R18 Game: The Shimmering Horizon and Cursed Blacksmith

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•  The female character introduction, images, and other $1 tier posts.

•  Patrons who accumulated $30 patronage will receive a Steam key when we launch on the platform.

•  看見女角色的資料與圖片,以及其他限定$1的文章

•  訂閱累積的金額到達$30以上,會在遊戲正式上架時獲得Steam序號

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More support would help us grow!

•  Including everything in the Tier 1, and you would be able to access the $5 tier posts.

•  Able to have the most updated demo version.

•  Preview the H-scene, and a short story specially written as extra bonus.

•  Patrons who accumulated $30 patronage will receive a Steam key when we launch on the platform.


• 包含Tier1所有內容,以及觀看其他限定$5的文章

• 可以體驗到最新進度的遊戲版本 

• 預先看見女角色的"H動畫",以及為此特製的小故事

• 訂閱累積的金額到達$30以上,會在遊戲正式上架時獲得Steam序號

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A really great support, and we thank you deeply.

•  All Tier 1 and Tier 2 contents, and all the posts.

•  An exclusive image every month.

•  Our previous game "Succubus’ Cage" uncensored version. (We will send you the file separately)

•  Patrons who accumulated $30 patronage will receive a Steam key when we launch on the platform.


• 包含Tier1、Tier2所有內容,以及所有限定的文章

• 每月將獲得一張特製的獎勵圖 

• 獲得前作Succubus’ Cage的無碼版本。(我們將會額外寄送檔案給您)

• 訂閱累積的金額到達$30以上,會在遊戲正式上架時獲得Steam序號

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About Ason

Hello fellow patrons,

We are  Ason, an indie game development team from Taiwan.
Our goal is to create rich gameplay and high quality NSFW Hentai adult games.
The NSFW elements in our games would mainly focus on horny monsters that’s trying to get some from the protagonist.
Our previous project,  Succubus’ Cage, is one example. Please take a look if you are interested.
We are currently working on a brand new project:
" The Shimmering Horizon and Cursed Blacksmith"
各位好,我們是獨立遊戲社團「 Ason」。
成人要素偏向 逆推(Horny Women),我們的舊作品「Succubus's Cage」也是此類元素。
(目前舊作Succubus's Cage的中文版是給神樂發行商代理,而他們為了迴避成人審查而弄成了閹割板,從那下載的遊戲都需要到他們官方網站打補丁,否則會出錯而無法遊戲)

而我們目前正在製作全新的作品 :「 蒼色之光與魔劍鍛造師

Play the trial / 立即遊玩體驗版
Steam Page / Steam 商店頁面
DLSite Page / DLSite 商店頁面


Game Elements:

A R18 game that has horny women who’s going to ride you hard when they got the chance.
H-scenes will be animated, and they will be fully vocalized by Japanese voice actress.
• The Player will be playing as a blacksmith who lost his memory, and fight through the dungeon by forging weapons with the materials he collected.
• All the female enemies are usually very strong, you would be “defeated” quite easily if not careful.
• Other than the H-scenes with the dungeon monsters, the main female character will also have H-scenes, which are richer and more complete.
• The character will have their own stories, items and equipments will have rich deceptions too.
• We will create a story that’s enough to touch your soul.

.這是一款 逆推向成人遊戲
.玩家扮演著一名喪失記憶的鐵匠,透過 鍛造指令將迷宮中撿到的道具合成武器來對抗各種敵人。
.除了在迷宮內的女性敵人以外, 主要角色們將擁有更豐富完整的H情節
.我們將帶給玩家一個 足以撼動靈魂的故事

This game is planned for PC (Steam), and the subtitles will come with three languages: Mandarin, English, and Japanese.
If our funding is allowed in the future, we might port it to mobile devices.

這個作品主要為PC軟體,並且將有 中文、英文、日文三種語言,完成後會上架到steam平台,而未來情況允許的話將考慮推出手機板。

We will periodically update the project status and the demo versions on Patreon.
If you like these kind of games and interested in our game, please support us.



The situation of our current team is that we still need to have a 9 to 5 job daily to be able to put food on the table, and develop the game on our free time. It’s giving us a hard time to be able to update the game regularly, and we hope to raise enough funding so we can develop the game full time in near future.


Thank you everyone!

$1,745.82 of $2,000 per month

When we reach this goal, our producer would be able to quit his 9-5 job, and the productivity for making this game will increase.
He will have more time to post the game testing video, and provide many different information.
We will also add a monster girl into the game, and decide what kind of monster it is through polling.


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