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I don't have anything to give but my thanks. Maybe one day I'll have a big enough audience that a Discord matters.

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You're significantly contributing to my financial wellbeing. But also I still don't have anything worthwhile to give! But you should probably tell me things I should look into or write about, like obscure games you haven't heard people talk about.

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At this point I'm probably obligated to write about a thing you want unless it sucks, aren't I?




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About Rory Walker

I'm a neurotic NEET struggling writer with strong socialist leanings. Chances are if you've come across this page, it was linked at the end of one of my Medium articles or was linked on whichever Twitter account I've currently been able to hold, so you might already have known about that.
I absolutely love telling people all about my opinions, and I endeavor to do that every month or so. I'll go through a video game or other piece of media and I'll try to talk about it, particularly in terms of the underlying politics, or just the themes. Video work is complicated, and my voice is bad enough even without a poor microphone, so for now these critical essays are primarily done through text, but eventually I would like to create video essays.
I make no secret about it, but I'm unemployed and live with my mother after my dad's death. In the upstairs, not the basement, but I digress. This is an inherently unsustainable situation, and I'd really like a consistent enough income to move out, so if you like my work but don't want to consistently subscribe to me, you can throw me a one time donation at Cash App or through Paypal. If you can't do that, even just sharing or talking about my work—which again is found on Medium primarily, where the formatting is a bit better—is also incredibly helpful and appreciated.

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I'll buy a good microphone and switch primarily to video essays instead of written ones.
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