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When you pledge, I will email you for your birthday, place and time (if known). Once I receive it, I will prepare your monthly report and horoscope ASAP.

About Astrology Detective

Real Horoscopes by one the world's best known astrologers.  

Who am I by the way? I have been a professional astrologer and horoscope writer for almost 13 years now (yikes). I started my own site and blog back in 2005. I wrote the Love/Money/Health column for Dell Horoscope Magazine, the oldest astrology mag in the USA, for 5 years, and the Hearts & Hate weekly horoscopes for Tarot .com's Daily Horoscope site for several years, as well being a blogger for astrology .com when it was owned by NBC/Universal. I am also an annual contributor to Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book and Moon Sign Datebook. My work has appeared in Huffpo Canada, The Mountain Astrologer, and many other sites and publications. I am currently the astrologer for the Canadian Slice and W TV networks.

Why Am I Doing This Patreon? Being a full time horoscope writer and astrologer is a really difficult job. There are very few gigs, and even when you get one, do your best and write popular columns, companies can be sold (happened), stop using freelancers to only use in-house full-time staff, as that is much cheaper (happened), need to do budget cuts and restructuring (happened), or get a new editor who brings in their own people and/or hates astrology. I would love to keep writing horoscopes, but they take a long time to do well. Many places just make things up, but if you are analyzing the actual planets, it is time consuming, as you have to do it for 12 different signs and their monthly stories. 

By supporting me on Patreon, you can help me write real horoscopes every month. Thanks again!
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When I reach this amount, I will be able to keep doing the monthly scopes, which are on a trial right now to see how they do. 
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