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About Astronomica

In the year 2180, humanity achieved spike drive technology, accessing the vastly strange meta-dimensional pathways to reach the stars. The following centuries were an epoch of discovery and growth. We mastered fundamental forces, confronted our social demons, and seized the reins of our biology.

By 2900, gate technology erased the logistical limitations of distance. Proximity between resources, industry, and labor became a non-issue. World-spanning cities, garden-like agricultural planets, and orbital manufactories became commonplace, and we prospered together.

Then the gates failed.

What we built in ten centuries, we lost in ten days; our Edens desolate, our industries still, and our cities brief orgies of cannibalism and violence, then silent tombs.

The year is 4451, and out here beyond the Cygnus Loop, at the edge of cultivation, an ember of our golden age struggles to ignite and burn anew. Welcome to the Rhinegold Cluster.

Astronomica is an actual play podcast for the "Stars Without Number" roleplaying game. 

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