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About Alex Swords

Eons ago, long before the idea of Civilization had begun to define itself, a new species of bipedal hominids gathered around each other and those early Humans the very first became Storytellers.

Stories are the collective thread of memory that creates culture, woven through our myths and legends, our religions and traditions, and even our family units and our personal narratives. Stories permeate our lives in ways that defines us - recording our past and inspiring our future. 

Storycraft, like any art form, is a deceptively simple process that cannot be legitimately sustained without support. Historically speaking, artists have almost always required the patronage, and generally it has from wealthy families or State sponsorship by kings and queens. The single-patron system is no longer a bountiful means of keeping an artist supported, but fortunately, we live in an evolving world, one with a new kind of community developing in it.

A community that respects the Arts on a wider scale, and the effort that goes into them, enough to proactively support those artists they deem worthy of investing in - crowd sourcing is a communal support system that spreads the burden of artistic patronage across a broad range of supporters, and spreads the wealth of reward around, as well. It's a truly inspiring development and one I hope will prove fruitful for my own ambitions to affect the world through the creation of my own Art.

My name is Alex Swords, and I am a writer.

I write prolifically, having recorded almost 700,000 words in 2018, alone. Those words have gone into an array of projects, spanning the gamut of potential in both fiction and non-fiction outlets.

Here's a MASTERLIST of everything I've been working on lately, with a continuing archive of almost everything I've already finished. (And here's a TAGSLIST to make navigating my Patreon Page easier!)

In the fiction arena, I write novels that span genres within the Young Adult and New Adult categories. From realistic standalone historical fiction novels to an expansive epic fantasy series and science fiction cop dramas, I write in all sorts of unique universes. I have six complete novels fully drafted at the moment. Unfortunately, due to the particularly idiosyncratic, utterly subjective nature of the publishing industry, I have yet to get one published.

The state of being unpublished is not a status accrued through any legitimate lack of authorial appeal, something proven time and again by the overwhelming reaction to the fanfiction I've taken to writing for sake of my sanity. On Ao3, I'm known as Pretty Miss Kitty, and I have a dedicated readership that numbers several thousand, with just over a thousand formally subscribing.

What they say about my writing is simply inspiring. Here's a small sample of the feedback I've received over the last few weeks:

  • Kameo1 left the following comment:
    • Your writing is phenomenal! Honestly I got an account on here just to follow this story and say how well done your plots are. Your characterizations are so beautiful and I wish I could find other authors like you XD

  • WemITodd left the following comment:
    • I wait for the notifications on these fics. Everytime I get an email and I know it AO3 I look for your pseud because I CRAVE these fics. They're so good! It's well written and amazing. I love the detail and the clear cut between the voices and just *sighs* it's amazing. You're amazing. Can't wait for the update..

  • Banner left the following comment:
    • I love your writing. The characterizations, the word use, the pacing and the mood: all of it is delicious. The twisty, intense plots are fascinating. The hints of major backstories along with the complex worldbuilding are so satisfying.

  • Sassafraz left the following comment:
    • Dear PrettyMissKitty, I just want to somehow convey --in words that are truly lacking because I do not feel that they are sufficient for the amount of feelings you manage to draw from me-- the gratitude I have for you for your phenomenal writing. [...] Aas much as I have enjoyed the works of so many talented writers here on AO3, I believe at this point you have become my absolute favorite. I started with Museum Mishap and was riveted because of tenacious tiny Tim and I've read every single one of your works in this universe with growing awe at your skill and the clear love that you include in all of your writing. I simply cannot get enough. If you ever do post a link for your original works, I will try to support in any way I am able. Talent and skill and love of this sort cannot be ignored and shouldn't!

In terms of non-fiction, I focus mainly on media analysis. These days, I primarily analyze novels - assessing them for their merit in storycraft, and breaking them down for parental clarity in ensuring that the media is appropriate and accessible for children of variegated ages. That analysis is published online via my Goodreads Profile, and utilized in my day job running a children's department at a bookstore. I also analyze music, published via my dedicated website (which is getting a major rehaul in the next few months) with a primary focus on Kpop and the way the Asian Entertainment System is shaping how the modern western music industry is actively evolving.

My readership is dedicated and amazing, and their response is proof enough for me that my status as unpublished is entirely due to the arbitrary yay or nay nature of the publishing industry.

The day job is demanding, and exhausting, and while it has moments where it feels rewarding, it barely pays enough to cover basic living expenses... To remedy that situation and acquire a more viable, long term career position, I'm working on a graduate degree - a masters in English with a specialization in Media Cultural Studies, and a fully fledged PhD in Media Studies with a neurology / psychology slant. The ultimate goal with that to work with the Smithsonian to develop community education programs that remind adults how cool it is to learn new things and help kids of all neuro-bases (neurotypical and neuro-divergent, alike) explore topics of interest without putting any artificial limits on what they can learn and explore.

I also want to keep writing; for my readers, for myself, and for how my words can affect change across the wider world. I'd even like to get my original work published (*le gasp*). Recently, it's become glaringly obvious that I cannot do that without help, especially with COVID's impact.

In the long run, getting my masters/doctorate will be a tremendous relief, but currently, the endeavor stands as a rather significant burden on both my finances and my time.

I'm also facing health concerns. I suffer from chronic migraines and severe ADD, and I have something else I would love to have addressed by a doctor at some point (chronic fatigue, widespread muscular tenderness, joint stiffness, and such that cannot be normal for someone in their mid-20's). Nearly every minute I'm not proactively working on something is spent curled up in bed under a heated blanket.

However, with my savings starting to run frighteningly low, I may need to get another job just to keep afloat... And technically, I'm already working two jobs: despite the demand for tutoring being less steady than shift-work, I usually get in a few hours a week with students from 4th grade through Collegiate Seniors. The tutoring means that I can cover the costs of getting to and from my workplaces, but it doesn't add in any substantial way to my security.

So I may have to get another job with a reliable 20hrs of shift-work a week being tossed my way... which frankly does not feel survivable right now.

It's an untenable position, and unless something changes dramatically... I don't know. I'm already leeching off the generosity of my parents, and I'm still barely getting by. The financial stress does not help my productivity, or my health issues.

The idea of being able to write anything is evaporating rapidly, be it fanfiction, original stories, or even the query letters needed to forward my attempt at getting properly published - let alone the essays needed for school. I also use my writing to stay sane, it's not just a hobby or a mild amusement to pass the time. Writing is one of the things that keeps Life feeling worth it, and I want to share my Art with the world, not least because of how I have enough readers already, without even being properly published, to know without doubt that the world would appreciate it.

But if I need to get a second job, there is absolutely no hope I'll be able to maintain any kind of writing schedule - let alone a viable effort to get published.

Which is why I need your help to keep my head above water and my writing on track.

If I could garner enough patronage to provide me with even $500 more a month, I'd be able to breathe easier. I could actually focus on what I'm doing, rather than fretting paycheck to paycheck. The stress reduction will give me the peace needed to effectively use what little time I have to write, and it will likely also have a significant impact by helping ease my health concerns.

I can also use this page to prove to any potential agent or publishing venture that my work is able to be monetarily valued by a significant audience.

I have several goals in the immediately foreseeable future, goals that YOU can help me accomplish:

- Acquire a Lit Agent and/or a publishing contract.
- Finish Book 4 in my 'Assassin's Game' series.
- Finish the 2 stories I have in progress for my Old Guard series of Fanfiction.
- Finish and publish for Patrons at least one novel of original fiction.
- Update my website, regularly, with Media Reviews and in-depth cultural analysis.

- Get my Graduate Degrees settled! (An achievement slated right now for 2026, because YAY COVID... --_--')...

Anyone who chooses to support me is incredibly important to me, and I want to make sure that your contributions are recognized and rewarded.

There is a certain honor in becoming a patron. Firstly, you gain the unique right of being able to viably compare yourselves to the great patrons of old, of being able to be legitimately counted among kings and queens and great families like the Medici and the Sforza. The people who support the Arts on Patreon are helping to fuel a renaissance of modern culture, revolutionizing the world's artistic landscape in a way that will benefit humanity for generations.

In addition to that, I want to make sure that my patrons have some more concrete returns on their direct investments. 

- ALL patrons (yes, that means patrons of any tier, including one-time donors, as soon as I figure out how to make that work) get access to:

  • Early access to any media I plan to publish elsewhere online (including fanfiction chapters, media reviews, fan videos, Podcasts, and Vlogs). At least two preview posts per month, with the media in question being posted here approximately two weeks prior to being accessible to the general public through their intended publishing platforms.

  • Exclusive Blog Posts on the Write Life, my adventures in graduate studies, and pictures of my cat (the world's angriest little gremlin just LOVES the limelight... deep deep down).
  • Sneak Peeks at my notes and story boards, and Insider Info on ideas for future story projects and upcoming life adventures.
  • Personalized Blog Posts answering your questions on anything from the psychology behind how to get your kids dressed in the morning, to my thoughts on any piece of media you might request (even like whether things are worth the money, or are age appropriate, and such).

If you have the means / motivation to contribute... you're an amazing human, and I adore you're mere existence. I'll keep thinking up cool exclusives for you, and you get to contribute deciding what rewards you want! If this all works out, I'll be able to establish tiers and such with a whole bunch of exclusives! I want to do it all now, but right now I can't invest that kind of time unless I'm actually getting a monetary return on the effort...

To anyone who's even read this far: THANK YOU.
For even considering to support me, for considering to support any creator.

We live in an era of internet commerce and truly communal support for the artistic pillars of civilization and the fact that you're here at all is such an inspiration. It makes the idea of continuing on with the fight to keep creating feel well and truly worth it.

I am a writer and I want to be able to continue to be one. In doing so, I can also be a teacher, and a promoter / supporter of the Arts in local and globalized communities. I want to change the world, honestly, to use what I've learned about how humans interact with storytelling media, how humans are creatures that are truly built from the stories we tell, to HELP people... help them make new friends, help them deal with the chaos of being human, and help them see how to better help each other.
It could be cool. Really cool.

For considering becoming a Patron for my work, for being a Patron to anyone, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I certainly hope you chose to support me, but supporting anyone is an important piece of awesome that helps the Universe keep spinning in the long run.

I will continue tweaking this pitch, adding details and edits, and hopefully a video pitch / thank you as well, but for now thank you, truly, for your consideration.

- Alex
3% complete
At $500 a month, I can forget about the second shift-work job, maintain my tutoring schedule, and breathe easy enough to focus on my writing... Which will allow me to actually stick to my schedule and make timely releases considerably more reliable.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts

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