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Hello there, my name is MARCO but most people know me as Asyr0n...

I am a simple GTA5 Vehicle Mods Creator / Content Creator and this is my Story...

Most people don't even know or understand how someone can spend hours or even days working on one single mod... well the best way to explain it is... Passion!!
I always loved to discover and observe the real beauty a car can express only by it's looks!
And that kinda impressed me as a child, always dreamed of becoming a real car designer, not to be able to achieve that goal, there was always something missing in my life... That's when i discovered GTA Modding! At start i was a normal Mods user like most of people out there till I asked most known Car Modders to Model and Rigg my Ultimate Dream Car for GTA5... The most beautiful, with love and passion handcrafted 2013 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante!!!

Well, with "arrogance or Fear" all of those modders refused to grant my wish even thou i was able to provide a paid 3D CG model of it and ready to pay for theyr services!
At that point i had no other choice than to do it myself! 
Of course i did not start the project right away... i wanted my Dream Car to look perfect so i decided to do some other vehicles to gain experience and to be able to achieve my goal... And so my Journey began in July 2015...
Two years, alot of 3D work and 22 Released Mods later... i felt finally ready to launch the long awaited Project! One of my biggest Work till today and the project i really put the most love and passion into finally sees the day...

My 2013 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante                  -             Go check out how it was Built...

"Thx to BlueJeansGamer for the amazing Showcase of my beauty"
And THIS is how i ended up here :P

Check out TopGear's Video for more info about this dream:

I've been very active these last 3 years in the GTA5 Vehicle modding scene, and have been enjoying doin it. My goal is to bring more and more exclusive and never seen content to the Grand Theft Auto saga and give the opportunity to people to drive theyr Dreamcar at least ingame!
I'm Modding GTA5 for now but who knows, with your help i might surpass myself and create things i would never even think or dream of....

If you read all of this and understand me and my weird passion and decide that i am worthy of your support... THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! This means alot to me.


If you want so support me, these are my soccial Network Links and Paypal Link:

My Workshop on Facebook:
My Twitter Account:
My Instagram Account:
My Youtube Account:
My GTA5 Public Releases & Profile:
My Team's Facebook [DTD]:

And my Paypal Link for everyone wanting to support my work, every Dollar will be invested in content for you all again to enjoy. Thank you very much.

FiveM - Terms of use:
8. No financial profit shall be derived by the Users fromany derivative of, or third-party service, User Generated Content, or Game Server for FiveM, the Game Services, or other entities stated in these Terms, except as expressly permitted by CitizenFX. Entities with permission may be included under ADDENDUMD:LIST OF EXCEPTIONSFORTERM ‘8’.
This Means...
That you are not allowed to generate profit with any of the content used on the Server.
Using Paid Third-Party Mods are also concerned by these Terms.

I am not responsible by any means of the negative effect my Mods may cause to your FiveM Server or FiveM linked SteamID Account. Use my mods at your Own Risks!!!

You can read the complete Terms under this LINK

My Terms of Use:

If as a FiveM Server Owner you want to gain access to a Server Compatible version of my cars... I can not guarantee compatibility of my mods for that purpose. My mods are ment for the Offline Game Mode only and not for the Online Use!!! But if you decide to Upload to FiveM... In that case ONLY SERVER OWNERS or ADMINS are allowed to.

If you have your own FiveM Server then it's ok to upload to it (at your own Risks ofc), but i will NEVER allow to use my Mods as a BUY IN/ TRADE to get a higher status or to get whitelisted on a Server you do not own!! It is also NOT ALLOWED to use my Mods as a Reward for a Donation on Youtube / Discord / FiveM !!! Sharing in Groups or Reselling IS NOT ALLOWED either! 


70 - reached! patrons
A Special Program will be Created to allow my Long Term Subscribers to request theyr Dream Mod for GTA5.

A Special Role is created to Unlock a very Special Discord Section.
(FiveM Plans changed... only Test & Fun Server now to reduce Stress. Content will be Public or Patreon Released)

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