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About Matt Dillahunty

I've spent the past decade engaging believers and apologists on live television, in e-mails, on forums and from stages at universities and conventions, but my time has always been limited by the number of vacation days I could take from my day job.

I'd like to try to change that, but more importantly, I want to continue to produce content that helps people become more comfortable and more effective at defending their views.

With this Patreon project I'm going to be producing better content aimed at teaching people how to better recognize and respond to arguments - and you can help!

I'm going to start with comprehensive treatments of not just the classical arguments for the existence of god but all of the common apologetic arguments and claims that you're likely to hear from believers, including appeals to prophecy, tradition, popularity and more.

Your support will allow me to not only produce the video content I plan to work on, it'll also allow me to dedicate more time to writing books, delivering lectures and engaging in formal debates.

Your support will also give you a voice in directing the content I produce. Do you have questions you'd like me to answer? I can do that. Are you having difficulty with a particular argument or tactic? I can try to help....with your help. In fact, alongside the initial series covering the standard arguments in varied forms, I plan to post videos answering questions that patrons have sent me.

57% complete
I've already started doing the Bible study videos, but if we hit this goal, I'll be able to do more of them as well as having a podcast focused on discussion with theists. Some of them are likely to be former debate opponents, but others may be totally new.

I'll also be able to bring on an intern to help with the video production, schedule management and website.

Giving Back! - I'll make an immediate donation to Foundation Beyond Belief, after reaching this goal.
(And, let's be honest, I'm going to do all or most of the other things whether we hit this goal or the Giving Back portion is really the only reason to strive for this target). :)
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