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About LiteBody Fitness & Raising Reverence A Metaphysical Lifestyle Series

"My name is Athena StarSeed and my daughters name is REVERENCE

WE are the Daughters of a Billion Burning SUNs...
Sisters of ALL Nations and
Mothers of  all... Reverence
WE stand before the Creator
And of ALL Creation...
100% Responsible for
Our Thoughts, our Emotions,
Our Words, our Actions
And All OUR collective Relations!

WE are tiny Sparks in the Heart of GODs GLOW!

and WE dedicate our Lives to the
"I AM" in ALL that Is.

WE are Present!!!”

This invocation is inspired by Chief Phil Lane Jr

By Pledging to Our site you are supporting the Artistic Expression of our Angelic Soul Songs, Books, Channelings, Plays and Theatrical Metaphysical Puppets shows along with LiteBody Fitness Retreats and Creations!

...This Patreon Site is a Dream Come TRUE for me.
It allows me to be financially supported while utilizing ALL my talents and raising my daughter REVERENCE!

*I intend to finish my Album:  Supreme Grace Light ($5500)
*Create a music video of the Song Supreme Grace Light
*Create more music videos: originals and covers for your pleasure, inspiration and enjoyment
*Film Educational Entertainment through Metaphysical Puppet shows, Fitness Videos on Nutrition, Exercise and LifeStyle called: Raising Reverence
*Create fun play-inspired videos with my darling daughter Reverence
for all of Our "inner child needs"
*Channel Cosmic Content Videos on Consciousness: Ask Athena Intuitive Readings
*UP load amazing Photos of Health and Wellness Lifestyle   

Here is a free gift to you, to thank you for your support:
4 Free Ringtones - iPhone & Android

Greetings and Salutations to You, my beautiful Cosmic Friends, Fellow StarSeeds and Conscious Supporters,

I am called by the name Athena StarSeed.

First, let us begin with, what I mean by StarSeed.
When I say StarSeed, I Am referring to our bodies being made of Stars.
Not just in mine, in All of us!!!

WE have the elements of a trillion Galaxies floating in our atoms...and by ‘Claiming’ that Power,
 ‘We' ...bring the Heavens to the Earth... through our individual Sound Signature Expressions!

Physics has proven the fact that:

"We are all made of StarDust... 

It sounds like a line from a poem, but there is some solid science behind this statement too:

Almost every element on Earth was formed at the hEart of a STAR!"

Ever since I was little, I remember when Stargazing, feeling an overwhelming sense
of Peace and Presence.
I felt safe and connected to Everything and in some small mystical way...
Everything connected back to me too.

It was like two tiny children holding hands.

The Heavenly Starlight would shine on me and I would shine the Light right back...
It became a sacred childhood game we would play, a type of 'photonic morse code.'

I now call it, ‘The Shinning Dance!'

The Starlight brings information, intelligence and energy!  
 Receiving this light as a child greatly increased my Vibration and Creativity!

It also allowed me to have greater appreciate for my 'Body Temple' and inspired me to take better Care!

As Athena StarSeed,

I am a Mother, a Singer Songwriter, Channel, Performance Artist and a Fitness Coach.
I am am also the founder of   A program that is based in Athletic Play!

I have been an athlete since childhood and I love to move and dance.
Fitness brought me many lessons and gifts as a child.
It taught me things like, how to stay grounded and practical as well as how to release creative energy through movement.

It taught me how to appreciate my Body Temple, what to feed it and how to Care for it.

I have been in the Fitness and AntiAging field for more than two decades and after studying the
Ancient Mystery schools and their philosophies on Health, I decided to create a
Theatrical Fitness Program that addresses all 4 Dimensions for
 'Optimal Human Potential and Longevity!'

If any of this peaks your interest…please become a Patron.
 This Site is
Education and Entertainment mixed with Cosmic Starlight LOVE!!! is a theatrical fitness program that takes into consideration the full integration of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual ‘Health and SelfCare'
of a person and their Being-ness!

The Song that our Body sings is the collective frequency of our well being.
It is also the Energy Signature we are putting out into the World.

The 'Body Song' gets vibrationally created by the Thoughts we Think, the Foods we Eat and Drink
and the amount of Daily Exercise we participate in.

A human Beings' body can be considered a 'Chamber of Vibrational Resonance’
created by Light and Sound.

So this site can be referred to as a kind of 'TUNE UP’ Station!

The purpose of All my content, is to assist One in increasing their own personal
Vibration, Health, Creativity and Longevity!

Some individuals are vibrating at very low frequency levels, which could be a sonic-landscape for 'dis-ease'.

Certain types of exercises, nutritional practices and song vibrations can support and enhance
a persons healing and wellbeing. Changing energy patterns within and around the body
allows individuals to feel more Rejuvenated, Inspired and Enthusiastic.
And this is said to improve Health!
Many call it Sound Healing.

 The daily Listening and Singing of my song Supreme Grace Light or any  sacred Mantra can have a tremendous affect on ONEs cells, Soul and DNA.

So i sing Supreme Grace Light 3xs a day:  Sunrise, Noon and SunSet in 42 day cycles,
to increase my vibration and to bring more JOY into my LIFE!

The types of sounds used in Supreme Grace Light are Sacred Messages of Self Love.
The rate and repetition of playing or singing these sonic frequencies can also determines how fast cells and souls transform.
This can be determined by before and after pictures of Live Blood Analysis.

“As above so below…As within, so without.”

My intension is to SHARE my personal Songs and Experiences in order to inspire others
to embrace higher vibrational versions of themselves.

The reason I AM so excited about Patreon is because Something incredible happened
to me 7 years ago!


On January 1st, 2010, I had a very profound Vision, on a plane, returning from Bali.
I had just recently lost my HOME of 12 years, in the housing crash of 2008 and 9!!!

On the return leg of my journey, after being in the air flying for 7 1/2 hours, over the ocean,
in the darkest of nights, my plane encountered 45 minutes of the most
 horrific turbulence I had ever experienced.
I was very scared.

I thought, "This is it...  Am I  going to die?"

It was in that MOMENT I began speaking directly to God and the Angles.

“Please God, protect this plane!" I began imagining four Huge ArchAngels flying on the corners of the aircraft holding it steady and safe.

I think all my collective FEAR pushed me right out of my 3rd eye!
In a panic I told God I would do anything to have a second chance at life.

...and a thought came over me...a reply from knowingness...

"Do what makes You feel the happiest...Sing!"

I began to cry.

I apologized for abandoning all my Dreams, I apologized for all the times I was too afraid to take risks, I apologized for not offering the talent and gifts I had been so graciously given.
In that moment, I realized FEAR had been holding me back from my true self.

I had been playing it SAFE for reasons of security, comfort and conformability.
I had abandoned myself.

And in that Moment, I promised God if I lived through this experience,

I would commit 100% of my energy to allowing my Soul to Sing!

I would listen to that "still small voice" and Follow my Bliss... Joseph Campbell
thereby actualizing my Divine Life Contract and finally "SINGING" the songs I had been hearing in my Heart for so many, many years.

It was then in my minds eye, I saw a beautiful Vision Open.... of a happy, peaceful, present me traveling in a sustainable RV up and down the Coast of California.
I was witnessing myself randomly stopping at beautiful Nature spots Rich in Spirt, 
 Singing for all of Creation!

I was singing for the Rocks, the Leaves, the Trees, the Robins, the Rivers and the Red Tail Hawks!   CAW caw caw

I would be singing my Self back to Nature and little by little people stared appearing.
Concerts began spontaneously blooming like a Meadow of Marigolds Dancing in Sun!

The Vision was so beautiful it made me cry!

I then saw myself on nature journeys with my mac, creating music videos online to capture all the experience of my all my travels.
The Vision made me feel happy and a very blissful.
It was my " Road to AWE!"-The Fountain

When the plane finally landed safely, 8 hours later, I was inspired and in tune with all of Creation
and I had a very profound realization...

"I AM "NOT" in control of 'Anything!' 

My only requirement is to be PRESENT."

To live freely, is to live in the 'Divine Present Moment'
To surf the flow of Grace,
Allowing that Grace to transport all that is, to me and
through me, like the Waves of an even greater
Cosmic Ocean of Mysterious Infinity!

Trusting in the unseen...became my daily practice.

I realized ... I Am a tiny Ember in the glow of GODs Grace!

From that moment on I experienced a new greater sense of Presence.

I surrendered my will to the divine will of God and heard a Promise...

"All will be Revealed!"

I know now at a very deepest level... I will always to be provided for,
That I AM eternally LOVED and that my Life has great Meaning!

I will now live in harmony with the Univers and allow myself to be supported for just "Being" me!

Not needing to know the "How"

I gently surrendering to the "WHY" of my Purpose and began "Following my Bliss!"-Joseph Campbell

....and time passed

Magically, 6 years later...with the faith of the SunRise...

Life has delivered, such a delicious Treasure,
on the Shores of my Sandy Beaches,
...this extraordinary online platform called Patreon,
to assist me in accomplishing my Life's Dreams!!!

This was my own personal Treasure Chest of Miracles!!!

In that turbulent experience of confronting my own Fear and Mortality, so many years earlier, my Life had now made complete sense NOW, beyond my imagination, my knowingness and my personal perspectives, I NOW saw the Light at the end of the Tunnel!

This platform on Patreon will allow me to Live, Create, Record and Perform content which Inspires me to SHARE wonderful Cosmic Messages, Theatrical Physical Fitness tips and  Sacred Sonic Expressions as my....  Daily Divine Offerings!

It is my full-time Vocation!

As I am a single Mother of a beautiful little girl named Reverence, it is my highest joy
to include and support her wellbeing, too!

I dedicated my Love, my Light and all my Gifts to the betterment of this Planet,
Her Peoples and All Sentient Beings!

If you choose to be one of my Supporters, I would like to thank you in advance for


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my site…
May these words whisper sweetly to your inner child…

RAISING REVERENCE: Puppets from Ever-Land ...A Metaphysical Puppet Show.

Reverence and Mommy create their own metaphysical puppet inspire family’s to create, evolve and transcend together... for a lifetime!
Keeping a childlike wonder in our hearts is the key to Heaven on Earth!
May we all return to our own inner Mary Poppins!
...and allow our Inner Peter-Pan to pretend again!
How do we re- T U R N ourselves back?
...WE JUST BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Book featured in our first ever episode was: A guided Meditation for Kinds
by Willian Meyers
Thank you for supporting more of this type work.

"Playmate Come out and Play with Me...
Dream Your Life Awake... into Reality
Be Present in all Moments NOW... and throughout Infinity   
Following your Bliss ...cause You are Divinity!"

Please take subscribe to our youtube channel: Raising Reverence
Athena StarSeed Tina Castaldi                   Musician/Band

In Divine Presence and Loving Reverence,
Athena StarSeed
AUM aum aum
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I will finish my first solo album Supreme Grace Light
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