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All rewards are for everyone but you earn a few perks
I have no plans of hiding videos behind pay walls consider this a tip jar or a way to give something.
     *Patrons get a extra ticket for drawings per $1
   * Get a stream profile image for the Proving Ground Streams
    *Your votes/feedback to Let's Plays and other ideas gain the power of the sunlight making it more likely
     *Let's Plays with online/co-op/vs you can join to play,chat and have fun
     *Your welcome to join podcast type things as long you follow rules (your be told them if want join just message me on my channel and leave a comment on a video about the message due youtube doesn't alert a user about messages)




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I make videos aimed at gamers of RPGs and oddball titles and what I think about them.
$2 of $100 per month
I can look into improving my set up at this goal and beyond :) (Audio, Video, Ways to record, Programs).
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