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I write for the Wholey Mother, from whom we all came from.
I write for all those whose Innocence has been wounded.
I write for the TRUTH, which I serve, defend and protect.
I write for Love, the only real law, that is written from my heart.
I write so that all beings may return to The True Source Light of Creation. 

My name is Aurora Eden.

Really, I more than my name, than my physical 
characteristics or my status in the eyes of a crumbling society. 
I am that beyond these things. I am the Soul that lives, the Spirit
Eternal. I am the essence of Love that permeates every element,
originating in the Ether. 

My name is Love.

I serve by writing, from my heart and soul. Every word is a flower.
Every word is a gift. Though this Love that I am and feel and see
so clearly is ineffable, I will go on writing because it is a soul urge
and it cannot be denied, even by circumstance or command from 
any false authority, I will go on writing because it is my service to 
Humanity and All of Creation. 

I thankh you for any and all of your support. 

XX, Aurora Eden 

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