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What do I do on my channel?

I make videos showcasing hacks and glitches in video games, and stream gameplay of corrupted games. All of these are certainly... weird, but are also often goofy and all-around just good, fun entertainment. These all vary in what to expect, sometimes I can show off useful exploits for speedy playthroughs of a game, or I can just completely break the visuals of entire worlds. Safe to say these videos and streams are a mixed bag.

What goes into making a video?

Making my videos requires a boatload of pre-production. For example, for a typical hacking video I begin by combing the entirety of a game's memory (upwards of gigabytes!), and like looking for a needle in a giant haystack, I find bits of code that might make something interesting, and repeat upwards of 50 times per video. Then I record the footage of my findings, write the script, and lock myself in my room as I religiously edit until I pass out from exhaustion. This takes roughly 10+ days from start to finish.

Why Patreon?

I love making videos, but making time to make videos isn't the easiest. I make ad revenue from YouTube, but it's often never enough to justify breaking my neck to pump out video after video. I want to be able to do this comfortably, meaning better quality of videos and actual consistency, but for that I'll need your help.

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I can confidently do this full-time and devote all of my life energy into making videos for you all!
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