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About Aussie Angel Games

Who Are You?

Welcome! ♥ I'm Kim, the creator and Indie Dev of Aussie Angel Games - an indie game 'studio' (unsurprisingly) founded in Australia.

Aussie is a nod to my nationality and Angel is something that I have used in my usernames and pen names for as long as I can remember. Equally I have always had a love for reading, writing and art, so it was a natural progression for me to fall in love with Visual Novels and Otomes. Before finally deciding it is something I would like to pursue.

Currently focusing on creating story driven games such as visual novels and otomes. I am a writer though I’m pretty sure that through Visual Novel creation my resume will grow. What I can’t do will be done by talented freelancers such as programmers, composers and artists, so that we can create something magical together.

Why Patreon?

I have used Patreon for coming on five years now to support a range of artists ranging from Comics to other indie studios. After using it so long to support others it seemed only natural to use it myself as a Creator.

Patreon benefits both myself and those who support me.

As with anything, funding is one of the hardest hurdles to overcome. There are lots of things that make up the whole package of a Visual Novels – CGs, Sprites, GUI, Backgrounds, Logos, Music etc. I am working full time in a customer service role to help fund this Dream, but obviously every little bit helps get us closer to our goals by providing extra money to be put towards freelancers for game assets.

By pledging on Patreon you will gain access to exclusive content – concept art, short stories, tips, early drafts, world-building information and other secrets. 

Additionally, a shout out for my amazing friend and fellow Dev Karamelow for doing not only the banners for my tiers but also for creating the AMAZING logo for me ♥

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