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My name is Nick. I'm fairly new to Britain, having relocated from Sydney, Australia with my partner and our 2 cats in April 2016. Since arriving, I've developed a new passion (one could say an obsession), with the canals. I'm known as a "Continuous Cruiser" and have been travelling around England, starting from Manchester in April 2019. .  

In The Beginning
My canal journey first began when I was just 4 years old when my parents bought me a cassette audio book of Wind in the Willows. The story of Toad and the "washer woman" on her barge, has been a running joke in my family for over 40 years. When my journey finally landed me in Britain 40 years later, I went a bit canal crazy. I joined the Canal and River Trust (CRT) as a volunteer, helping keep our canals clean and I also worked for them as a fundraiser for a short time. Unable to obtain any kind of finance to purchase a narrowboat, nor having a house or other assets to sell, my only option was to save up the cash and buy an old cruiser. 

In late 2018, I managed to scrape up £1750 to buy an old 1969 vintage 24 foot fibreglass cruiser. Over the winter of 18/19, I refurbished the entire interior using further savings to fund the upgrade including the installation of a wood burning stove. 95% of my boat interior is made from recycled materials. 

I currently operate the boat on a "shoe-string" budget of just £200 per month. This includes my licence fee (28%), petrol (50%), mobile/internet (10%) food and other consumables such as bio-ethanol so I can cook (12%). I don't have a shower on board, nor do I have any LPG or integrated 12v battery system. I don't own a refrigerator, a TV or radio, relying purely on British history, nature, books and magazines, the people I meet and my 2 cats for entertainment.  


My goal is to continue to purchase camping and prepping gear to use during my travels and to demonstrate to others how to survive and enjoy the canals of England on a budget. Your contribution and support will help enable me to do this, with all money raised going towards such items. 

Jump on board and come and explore the real England and let me show you how you too can enjoy the canals on a budget. 

16% complete
When I reach this goal, I plan to upgrade my toolkit with more prepping and survival gear to include an outdoor wood-burning stove which I'll be using for the winter, plus various other items such as new video production equipment so I can bring you better quality footage and content. 

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