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You will receive monthly content updates as articles are written, as well as PDFs presenting all of the articles as a complete issue of Axioms as they are completed. You will receive access to the back catalog of monthly content updates as well as to PDFs released within the last three months. If you make an account on the Autarch forums or Discord, your profile there will be marked with a special badge showing your level of patronage.
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You will receive all the benefits of the Adventurer. In addition, you will get:

  • A PDF copy of the Collected Wisdom of the Autarchs, an indexed compendium of rules and clarifications from the Ask the Autarchs Forum. 
  • A special bonus PDF each year if you've been a Conqueror for at least six consecutive months. This could be a special issue of Axioms, an adventure, etc.
  • Access to my current campaign's house rules, gazetteers, and other content.
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You will receive all the benefits of the Conqueror. In addition, you will get:

  • An invitation to a 1-hour monthly chat on Google Hangouts where King-level patrons can learn about our plans for the games and offer inputs and advice.  
  • Each time we deliver an issue of Axioms, a coupon for at-cost printing of your choice of any one of our print-on-demand books from DriveThruRPG for your personal use. You just pay printing and shipping cost.
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About Autarch LLC

Ave, Patron!
Welcome to Autarch's Patreon! Over two thousand years ago, the ancient Romans developed a flourishing system where aristocrats of wealth and power served as sponsors and benefactors, becoming known as "patrons". We hope that, as Caesar was to Brutus, you will be to us - one of our patrons! (We promise not to stab you on the Senate floor.) 

Why We Need Your Support
Since its inception in 2011, we have been fortunate to have the support of generous crowdfunding backers for all of our initiatives. We began with a Kickstarter for our flagship title, the Adventurer Conqueror King System (ACKS), an old-school fantasy RPG designed to support campaign play. With its sweeping mechanics for strongholds, realms, thieves' guilds, wizard's sanctums, and magical research, ACKS allowed players to follow the likes of Aragorn, Conan, and Theseus on the path from wanderer to monarch. We followed ACKS with another Kickstarter for the Player's Companion, which provided a framework for custom character classes, class templates, and custom spells, transforming ACKS into a tool kit for judges. Next came our Domains at War Kickstarter, which brought epic battles and strategic warfare to the tabletop, allowing players to bring their ACKS characters into a miniature battle system. Then The Sinister Stone of Sakkara Kickstarter opened the world of the Auran Empire, default setting of ACKS, with a starter town and multi-level starter dungeon to kick off your campaigns. And then, Lairs & Encounters provided over 100 monster lairs, along with expanded mechanics for monster proficiencies, taming and training monsters, and custom monster-building. 

But it's not enough! We want to release more!

Specifically, we want to release a lot of content for ACKS that doesn't necessarily fit our big Kickstarter-driven release model: New classes, new sub-mechanical systems, explorations of specific themes within the game, short adventure scenarios, and more! Your pledges will make this possible by supporting the creation of Axioms.

The Basic Idea
Axioms will be a publication supporting ACKS and our other products. Each issue of Axioms will include at least 4 articles crafted by either our in-house designers and editors, or by our talented pool of writers that are already active in the ACKS community. Our hope is to publish an issue of Axioms each quarter. 

We're aiming for about 5,000 words of content each issue - more if funding permits. Everything we write each month will be released as a "content update" for our patrons here. Every three content updates, we aim to bundle up everything we've written into the "issue" for distribution to our patrons. 

Depending on the level of support we receive, the issues of Axioms might range from a minimalist PDF to a fully-illustrated magazine with full-color cover and even a print-on-demand softcover. See the Goals sidebar for more details.

Whatever the budget supports, you can be assured you'll be getting the level of quality you've come to expect from Autarch: Well-tested and balanced game mechanics, thorough historical and economic grounding, obscure references to a campaign setting we haven't released yet, and the warm comfort of knowing that a set of really complex spreadsheets is behind all the numbers.  

Thanks for checking out our Patreon!

$885.62 of $1,000 per month
If we reach this goal, we will deliver quarterly issues of Axioms that are approximately 6,250 words (~ 5 articles) presented with an original black and white cover illustration.
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