Author: Linda Zukowski

is creating Novels, novellas, short stories, and really bad poetry.
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About Author: Linda Zukowski

Welcome to my Patreon page. If you've found my page here, then you know what Patreon is about. I strive to be creative every day, and though Grad School and taking care of a family member who is ill sometimes interferes, I am always thinking about the next work in progress (WIP) or pounding away at my keyboard daily.

If you support my work, you will be given access to written works that are unique to Patreon, and no one else will see. On a very rare occasion, this might be some bad poetry, but don't be discouraged - I rarely write poetry (this might be why it is so bad). Usually, you will find a short story, or chapters of a soon to be published e-book, as well as other little tidbits of fun and/or encouragement.

Whether you sign up for the smallest donation package or the largest, there will always be something new every month for you to enjoy.
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