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About Author_MAThomas

I'm a long time journalist and health worker. I started writing my first book series as a way to let go of the past and to start helping local teens connect better with parents, teachers and peers. I want to foster a positive youth culture for our high school students, help them develop resilience in an effort to aid them in finding their own path to joy, love and fulfillment earlier than the rest of us.

Life is this crazy journey which can be very trying at times and being able to read broadly and  coalesce with like minded peers can make the transition into adulthood so much smoother. My debut series 'The Girl Diaries' explores this and a number of other confronting issues (including the tumor on society we call social media) facing our teens. The books follow an adolescent girl as she navigates that awkward phase known as 'growing into yourself' with humor and honest dialogue that has been recreated from face to face interviews and interactions with teens and adults alike. While the novels are fictional, the purpose of the series is to help guide better decisions and minimize that unhelpful emotion known as regret, while also providing a good laugh for older readers as it brings back all your own repressed memories of high school. I hope you will consider joining our Book Review Project as a contributor and I look forward to interacting with you all on this journey!
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