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About Autism Academy

Hi Everyone!

A year ago We started doing videos on youtube. We wanted to encourage people to learn about autism and for it to be fun doing so. We had no idea how to video or sound edit, or about building websites and promoting content. Now we have over 30 animations on YouTube, as well as an awesome website. Making animations takes a lot of time and resources. Our dream would be to create animations for you guys all the time. By supporting us here you are not only making our lives way less stressful but you actually help us produce more content for youtube.

If you like what we are doing and consider buying some strangers over the internet the equivalent of a coffee, we would very much appreciate it. If 1% of our subscribers would do this, this could go a long way.

Regardless, we will continue doing this and our videos will always be free! We know understanding ourselves can also make a huge difference in our capabilities and our happiness, and so we want to continue to promote that understanding.

All we can promise you is that we do the best we can and invest as much time and love into YouTube as possible. Thank you for your ongoing support, it really is a huge deal for us and we very much appreciate it.

What we will do with your money:

- Currently, we have two jobs: Autism Academy and our "real" jobs. By supporting us on Patreon you give us the opportunity to focus more on YouTube. So put simply, you make our lives much easier and take stress away so we can do better and more work, for free, for you.

- We can invest more time in the videos: Making the sound quality better, giving you better sources and longer, more in-depth videos.

- We can take more time to collaborate with more autistic people to produce videos of more diverse experiences.

- We will appear at events and conferences to help more people understand autism.

Thank you so much for all your support! Thank you all for everything you're all doing it makes a huge difference!

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More videos. In 2018 we made 20 videos. So far in 2019 we've made 24 videos. Our goal is to make even more!
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