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"Good Morrow my fellow Barons, Ladies, Princes, Queens, bards, Kings, and such! Tis a pleasure to greet thee upon your entry! Welcome to the den of the Autumn Wolf, Leighanna Taylor, who prows the night to find new adventures and seek new ponderings. With a heart of gold, and the will of iron, Leighanna tis a sweet, delicate flower who grew from the - "
Alright Dante, that's enough.
"Oh-, my lady! Alas I was not yet finished with thine introduction."
I think they get the picture. Thank you, Dante. You're dismissed.
"But lady faire...what intro but mine own would do you justice? There be no one finer than thee and only a worthy associate can - "
".....Yes m'lady. I shall now make my exit stage left and remain in mine corner..."
Ha, ha, Dante, I'm not scolding thee. Go forth and treat thyself to a scone and a hot drink to fill your gullet.
"Oo, huzzah! Thank ye, m'lady, thank ye!" (prances exit stage right)
Other way, Dante.
"Righto! Apologies! Off for scones I go!" (exits stage left)

Ha, ha. Now then. Now that he's occupied, hi everyone! My name is Leighanna, as you may already know. I am an aspiring author who graduated college with a Bachelor's in English Literature. I've been writing since the 3rd grade and have made it my life long dream to become a published author. In my junior year of high school, that dream partially became a reality with the release of my first book - "In loving Memory" (don't be surprised that it has the name Whitney Hatfield on it though, because that was before I found pen names ^-^). If you want to read it, it can be located on Amazon, or the link below. Since then, I have created several other manuscripts in search for a publisher, seeing as the one I had sadly passed away.
I originate from the beautiful mountains of Colorado, being the oldest child of a family of 7. Eight if you count the dog ^-^, and am now married with two wonderful kids - living in the vast greens of New York. I love reading, writing, drawing, being with animals in nature, climbing trees, and am an all around "down-to-Earth" kind of person. When it comes to writing, I generally like to stay within the fictional genre because it allows me more freedom to bend the imagination. Are you a fan of people with magical abilities? I got you covered. Like adventure? I'm your gal. There are a great many things I write, but have yet to be able to publish some of the work I already have.
On the note of drawing, I will also be sharing my pieces with you all so that you may see how else I express myself. There are many things I draw: still life, landscape, people, cartoon/anime, animals (both real and fictional), tribal, and many other different designs. I have on several occasions been asked by friends, family, and co-workers alike if I could draw a certain tattoo design for them as well. All of which I do for leisure really, but it was questioned if I went to school for the right degree, ha, ha.
My hope, by you supporting me, that I will be able to create more worlds, more stories, for people to enjoy. I know reading can be an escape for several folks, and my writing does that for me; so I'm hoping my works can be that same escape for people like myself.  I look forward to sharing my worlds with you!


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 68 exclusive posts

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