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I've been on youtube since 2008 and have been posting videos for years now! I originally started a Youtube account in 2008 posting montages of me playing call of duty 4 online.
I went to college and graduated with degrees in Business/ Accounting and Finance and have been trading stocks since i was 15 years old. Throughout the years i have learned so much about trading stocks and i want to share what I've learned. I have been trading for almost a decade now and I've been successfully profitable for 7 years now!! I  want to help teach others how to invest and and help them improve their trading and begin to profit in the stock market and improve their overall  lives. I want to educate and help improve peoples lives and trades every single day with one trade at a time. 

I want to help people trade by educating them but i also try to be entertaining yet informative through my videos.

I have always been fascinated with creating videos and teaching others as well as entertaining people my entire life. My youtube channel consists of Investing, mostly of Day Trading Stocks & Crypto with videos about Passive Income and perhaps some gaming or vlogs.

I also stream live on Twitch. Patreon gives me a source of income to where i can educate and entertain people & live my life the way i always dreamed of.

Trading has literally changed my life and helped me more than i could ever explain and i just want to help change others and improve their lives!

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If we reach $100 a month i will personally pick someone and send them $5 - $50 depending on my profits trading for the day free via PayPal or Crypto!
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