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The Asheville Blade is home to sharp news and views in a rapidly-changing city, bringing hard-hitting local journalism into the 21st-century.


Asheville, NC, USA

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The skyline of downtown Asheville. Photo © Max Cooper.

Asheville is a beautiful, amazing, struggling and rapidly-changing city. But its tourist-friendly gloss as "the happiest place in America" often hides the real issues and problems its people face.

The Asheville Blade aims to cut through that silence, showing the far more complicated and interesting stories at our city's heart.

Born out of a union fight for workers' rights in local media, the Asheville Blade began by revealing an important news piece silenced. In the months since, the Blade has investigated the conduct of powerful public officials, delved into local government and how it shapes our livesinvestigated low pay, revealed how racist government programs still haunt the city, shined a light on struggles against segregation, looked into police arsenalscalled out the need for "An Asheville for the rest of us," fought against low wages and shared powerfulreal perspectives that have sparked city-wide discussions.

We need your support, whether you live in Asheville and want better for your city or simply want to help quality, hard-hitting local media survive in a chaotic time.

Our supporters make the Blade a reality, allowing us to fund more journalism, investigations, art, photography and grow our operation to better serve the public. Already, they've helped us build a website, pay freelancers and bring back local government coverage. They also receive newsletters, additional content, art, free admission to events, e-books collecting the best of the Blade's work (and some new material) along with more rewards as our support grows.

Not just in Asheville, but across the country, there's the constant refrain that local journalism is obsolete. The Asheville Blade aims to put the lie to that. We believe the way forward is not fear; it's courage, that journalism will only survive if it remembers its core calling to seek the truth, inform the public and fight for justice.

Founded by David Forbes, a journalist with over a decade of experience both locally (Mountain Xpress, Carolina Public Press) and nationally (NSFWCorp, Coilhouse, The Airship), the Asheville Blade is forging a way to make local media survive and thrive in today's changing world.
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