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A solar cell is the basic component of solar modules...without it, there is no energy generated!

This first level helps sustain Awaken Solar and Awaken Energy so that we can keep providing educational and informational content about renewable energy!

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Essential in the conversion of direct current energy to alternating current energy, the inverter is the key to grid-connected power.
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Being grid-connected is the ultimate goal for de-centralization of energy production. Stabilizing our electrical grid and revolutionizing our energy standards makes YOU an American Hero!

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I am the creator of the Energy Channel "Awaken Solar" on YouTube, along with a collection of websites featuring straightforward and honest information for anyone considering investing in green energy. I am also working on a book titled "Own the Sun", which will be a comprehensive guide to going solar for both home and business owners.

Currently, I am working full time in the solar industry, while spending a huge amount of time doing research for my book, channel, and websites; typically 60-80 hours weekly. My goal is to finish my book and dedicate 100% of my time to providing accurate and unbiased information regarding solar and energy investments in order to guide customers towards the best options possible.

I hope to create a higher level of ethics, quality and awareness regarding products, providers and energy policy within the alternative energy community to bring us out of the "solar wild west".

Eventually, I would like to work with guests and experts in the industry to further advance general knowledge and acceptance of the full benefits of renewable energy products and generation.

I will do my best to create professional and information-driven content similar to that of a TED talk, rather than an opinion-driven sales pitch. I will also have a trusted and vetted network of experts to recommend for any specific need or investment. The Ultimate goal is to create a higher level of understanding regarding the cost effectiveness of alternative energy products and services available, creating expertly informed customers. 

My topics will include anything related to the energy sector, where they focus on solar products and companies, as well as the effectiveness of all energy related sources. There will also be a focus on developing sustainable policy for future generations.

Starting with the launch of this page in late July of 2018, I plan to post two episodes per week at least through 2019.  This will be dependent on support levels and other factors, I may then maintain the frequency, increase it, or diminish it.

Supporters at or above $5/month will get access to my digital and handwritten journals, unedited recordings and outtakes, as well as some of my thoughts & recommendations (articles, books, experts, providers etc) connected to each new episode.  My giveaways will also come from this support level population randomly!

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