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About Awesome Vegans Podcast and Silver-Chic Chef Cooking Series

I hope you will subscribe to and support my Awesome Vegans Podcast/Videos and Silver-Chic Chef Cooking Series.  On Awesome Vegans, I interview the leaders in the plant-based movement who are making the world better for people, the planet and animals.  Previous guests have been CEOs Ethan Brown of Beyond Meat, Dan Curtin of Lifelight and Josh Tetrick of JUST, plant-based athletes NBA Champ John Salley and Chicago Bear Patrick O'Donnell, Senator Linda Holmes, Celebs Moby and Billy Corgan, Drs. Barnard, Greger and many, many more.

On the Silver-Chic Chef Cooking Series, I create unique and original plant-based recipes that are fun, fast, easy and healthy.  I am making plant-based cooking accessible and a good time! For more information, visit and thank you for your support!!