is creating PS4 RolePlay server overlays and administrating
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About AwryJostle

My name's AwryJostle and I create Role-playing overlays to a couple of the most popular survival games out today. Currently I'm wrapping up an overlay to Conan Exiles and starting work on an Ark Survival platform. While maintaining the original mechanics of the game I will write Role-play rules over the original game to enhance the social levels and offer more growth and immersion to the players experience. My servers are password protected and all players are vetted through an application process and a backstory to the character prior to entering the server. My latest addition to Conan includes a humanity system that offers in game perks for role-playing your character. Through the use of Discord I monitor the roles with private journal entries, an achievements page and personal bio. With this information I'm able to assess a humanity score based on the role or roles a player plays and then reward the player with a perk or buff through the admin controls or with the use of dice. I'm also working on finding a server author who would create living stories that involve the players on some level and close the story with a server wide event. Conan Exiles will be my first completed work but I'm excited to bring this type of administration and overlay to many different server games. It's loads and loads of work but at the end of the day, the friends and the feedback I receive has inspired me to reach out to as many survival games as possible to enrich the game play well above the same ol PVP on official servers. Join me in this endeavor and let's change the way we game to something more personal.
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With 10 active supporters we would have the funds to host 4 fully functioning kingdoms and prepare the way for boosting the player cap and receiving those players while keeping them engaged in the RP. I would also start considering merchandise to promote the platform further.
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