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You now get to boss me around. Read the feed, demand specific content, eat anything you want from my fridge, get to brag in the discord etc

The feed will be a place to post videos before they're published anywhere else, also bloopers, outtakes, my wonderfully inept creative process. 

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I stick yer name in the credits of a video in recognition of you being sound. I'll even try and sound out your name and you can bully me in the comments that I said it wrong. What fun!

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You get all of the above, and if you get in touch with some specifics I'll craft a short story based off of the dystopian nightmare that is this thread on tumblr (https://ayeforscotland.tumblr.com/post/186557188763/come-out-ye-black-and-tans-ayeforscotland)

You'll become immortal.

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Alright troops,

I'm AyeforScotland, and you've maybe arrived here because you know me from Tumblr where I frequently post updates on Scottish and British politics as well as write other incoherent shite. You're here because you believe this warrants the price of a Greggs coffee once a month, and because you're lovely.

You also might have come across the mega-thread of me writing inane pish about what would happen if Scotland was invaded by the UK post-independence. (https://ayeforscotland.tumblr.com/post/186557188763/come-out-ye-black-and-tans-ayeforscotland). The line between semi-professional political commentary and ridiculous shitposting is one I dance on. Some people want a book of short stories, others might just want to see me post any silly wee things I imagine on Patreon.

You may have stumbled across one of my Twitch streams and thought to yourself - "Holy shit, this artistic genius would be incredible if only he had a better audio equipment and a better sense of humour. I shall help him raise money to fund better stuff."

Or you could have come across that one horrible formatted video on youtube I clipped of Scottish Gaelic being spoken in the Scottish Parliament. I'm sorry you had to endure that. I'm looking to start creating perfectly edited, hilarious, and thought-provoking video essays for youtube and if you want to help me in that endeavour you are more than welcome to.

Yours for Scotland,

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A nice and modest goal to aim for. It'll be a nice introduction to engaging with you all and keep me posting updates on here for people to enjoy.
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