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Receive the following rewards (MUST be on Discord and send Azralynn a PM to receive your Patreon Support role to receive):
  • my gratitude <3
  • access to the Major Azhole voice and text channels
  • play with Azralynn any time that she is streaming and playing with Major Azholes
  • one game nomination for the monthly Sponsor's Pick live stream video 
  • submit and vote on weekly movie nominations that we watch together every Saturday @ 2pm EST
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About Azralynn

What content do you make?
I am a gamer! I love playing games! I especially enjoy live streaming on my YouTube channel, and being interactive with the awesome Azholes in chat. 

What's your goal with this Patreon?
Playing games, and live streaming is a hobbie of mine. Purchasing games, and other hardware or software for creating content costs money. Any money raised through Patreon will be used to help ease these expenses. 

Will there be any Patron exclusive content?
I have no plans to lock anything behind a paywall. All of my content is free, and will remain that way. (I hate paywalls in games, so I do not want that here either.)

Why should I become a patron?
If you like the content I produce, and have the desire to contribute, then this is just one step further for those who want to chip in financially.

Regardless of what you decide to do, please know that I appreciate each, and every one of you for being there, spending time with me in live streams, and for watching my reviews. Everything from the likes, to the comments and feedback, it means a lot to me! You are all awesome! <3 all of you Azholes!

Thanks everyone, and have a wonderful day! :)
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With this amount, I would be able to quit my day job and focus on creating YouTube content full time as a career. As a result I would be able create daily content and adhere to a consistent schedule. It would be a dream come true.
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