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is creating Crochet items, blankets, decor, shawls and more
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My crafty level 1 members will be able to download frFREE e patterns posted as photos and pdf documents.  

No less then 5 per month 

Dish cloth 

Pin cushions 

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Small craft gifts 

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Level 2 crafters will have all level 1 plus a small blanket/throw patttern and access to videos

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Level 1 crafters will have all level 1 and 2 benefits. Full-Queen Blanket Patterns and Monthly Shaw Pattern



About AzThreads Crochet and Crafts

I love crochet,  quilting and crafts! I have been designing new items and innovated ways to create unique projects for over 40 years. Now I want to share and create with followers who will support my work. 
My first design was sold through Crochet World when I was only 12 years old. My mother and Grandmother pushed me to believe in myself. I would love to support followers to believe in themselves through video, pdf patterns and daily chats. If you have someone to guide you through a project chances are you will succeed.  
I hope you join and enjoy a place away from all the social hoopla. Enjoy a place to pick up ideas,  submit ideas and relax with yarn and hook. 
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