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   I'm Azumii! A New England based cosplayer, model, and costume designer! I love to sew and craft costumes, build huge props, and model my designs at conventions and events. My passions are burlesque and burlesque style costumes, complicated prop designs and builds, and cosplay boudoir.

I make just about all of my costumes, from the sewing to the armor to the props!

I do all kinds of stuff! Like cosplay boudoir...

...and making some pretty cool costumes and props!

Either way, I try to do a little something for everyone! Hopefully you'll find something here to your liking! 

*Note: I don't do nudity at all either through Patreon or regular socials! Just cosplay and cosplay boudoir!

   Patreon helps me make new costumes and props, along with original costume ideas, and buy photography equipment for Patreon-exclusive shoots. Every single dollar helps me afford fabric, foam, Worbla, wigs, and makeup. Patreon also allows you, the fans, to show your support for me and get extra rewards for doing so, like monthly prints and polaroids! I can't thank you all enough for all the love and support!
   I'll be graduating college at the end of this year, and would love to be able to support all my cosplay work through Patreon, that way I can make all kinds of costumes and cosplays after school ends. Eventually, I would like to be able to support myself entirely on Patreon and focus on doing what I love to do, creating costume content for you guys!

Some FAQs:
  • Q: I live outside of the US-- am I still able to get rewards sent to me?
    • A: Yes, you are! There are international versions of many of my physical rewards that you can sign up for! Most of them are exactly the same as the US versions, just with an extra shipping charge. I also have international print tiers that are sent out every 3 months for international backers to keep shipping costs down.
  • Q: Can I choose what prints I get?
    • A: There will be a monthly theme to decide which prints and postcards are sent out! If I have a new boudoir print that month, it will be what is sent out.
  • Q: When can I expect to get my rewards? 
    • A: I order prints in the 1st week of the new month, once everyone's cards have been processed. Then I'll sign, package, and ship them out! You can expect to receive your prints and postcards about mid-to-late-month. Digital wallpapers and backgrounds will be sent out during the first or second week of the month! Tutorials will be posted really whenever I'm finished with them. I post them whenever I have something to tutorial about. 
  • Q: When do I get charged?
    • A: When you make a new pledge to me, you'll be charged the day you sign up, and after that you'll be charged every 1st day of the month! 

   I try to offer a little something for everyone! You can get digital rewards, like access to my Patreon-only feed for as low as $1, to high-quality phone and computer wallpapers for $5. You can also get monthly physical rewards including signed postcards, prints, and exclusive Polaroids. Cosplayers can especially benefit from supporting me by receiving detailed tutorials on how I make my props and costumes! 

   I hope you will consider supporting me in any way you can. I appreciate all of my followers and supporters and would love to make you all a part of what I do. Thank you for checking out my page! Keep checking back soon for updates!

** Please note many of my tiers contain adult content, and you'll need to be 18+ to sign up for them!

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I'll be adding stickers as a reward for some of the Patreon tiers!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 340 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 340 exclusive posts

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