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About BASIC 10Liner

The BASIC 10Liner Contest started 2011 as a party fun at the NOMAM meeting in Northern Germany. NOMAM means "Not only marvelous Atari machinery" and is an annual meeting from classic computer enthusiasts. The visitors of the meeting decided to hold a little contest: Write a program in 10 lines of BASIC on Atari Computers! We had loads of fun with programming the whole weekend. 2013 we decided to repeat the contest. This time only games were allowed. The quality of the programs has been getting better. So we decided to take part at the "ABBUC (ATARI Bit Byter User Club) Software Contest" with the six programs of the 10Liner contest as one community entry at the ABBUC contest. This made the competition very popular in the Atari scene as each ABBUC member received the programs on the club disk.

In 2014 we opened the 10Liner contest also for programmers who did not visit to the meeting. We received a tremendous amount of 40 10Liner programs! Euphoric of success we expanded the contest even more for other 8 bit computers (Commodore and Amstrad) in 2015. Even more submissions were the result. We received 42 programs for six different platforms.

Meanwhile the competition had received worldwide recognition. Owners of other 8 bit computer requested to open the contest for their machines. We met the wish and opened it for all 8 bit computers. The result was that we were literally flooded with submissions. As many as 90 programs reached us!

In 2017 and 2018, we could not quite keep this peak, but again received an enormous flood of programs with 65 and 66 programs. With 315 programs in 7 years, the contest grew into the largest programming competition for old computers and probably even the biggest programming contest ever.

The competition was conducted and organized and even sponsored by mainly one person over the years. About 300 euros were invested each year for prizes, postage costs and travel expenses.
Now I am looking for supporters who make it easier to carry out the competition and to develop it further. Would you help me funding the prizes, paying the homepage and financing print and online media? Any support would go 100% in the BASIC 10Liner Contest!
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Help me buying some prizes for the winners and pay the postage.
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