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About BlackBelt Gaming

Hello there! BlackBelt Gaming started off as a side project in March 2017 before it turned into what it is today.

First and foremost, I adore Video Games from the bottom of my heart and soul, having played them for 25 years (Since I was 3), I have listened to and experienced an vast array of OST's which I have always remembered and wish to share with the world in case they have been forgotten.

The reason I love Video Game OST's so much, is because they take you back to those nostalgic experiences, where you maybe felt a revelation with the character you were playing or a big twist happened in the Story and in some cases these inspired you to be creative or in many of my cases uplifted or guided you through a difficult point in your life.
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Upon reaching my goal, this will allow me to purchase a Green Screen, 4K Camera and Microphone. So that I can deliver the best Visual/Audio Quality to my Subscribers/Patrons by reviewing Games that I consider to be the Best from my experience and tastes.
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