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Holy Smokes! $3+ Bucks Per Vlog!?! You must like us a lot! Talk about generosity! Because you're awesome, we're also going to share with you our eCourses that contributed directly to us creating a full-time travel lifestyle. This is a way that we can invest back into you & help you reach your goals!

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  • Knowledge To Profit Method eCourse: This eCourse shows exactly how to turn what you already know into a digital business online. (We usually charge $97 for this one! But you're going to get it on the house!)
  • 20% OFF BEAP Tribe Monthly Membership* Coupon Code: With the Globe-Trotter Tier, if you're interested in the Tribe, you'll get the HIGHEST percentage OFF your Tribe Membership that we can give (without actually giving it away for free).




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About BE Adventure Partners

Hi! We're Brian and Erin! For the first 10 months of traveling, we met each other in airports all over the world... We were hooked & couldn't get enough of each other! So we decided to BE Adventure Partners!

In April 2017, we quit our jobs & sold everything to travel the world full-time. It wasn't an easy decision, but we took a risk on ourselves as we built our business online to earn an independent living so we could sustain this travel & love bug. 

Traveling was the only way we could BE together full-time, considering I, Brian, am from the USA and Erin is from Canada. Neither of us were ready to become a citizen of the other's country, which is why going on a long travel trip together made the most sense.

Now, 2+ years later and over 19 countries visited (we travel slow), we don't want this journey to end!

Originally, we were just blogging about our love story and posting it to our Facebook business page. All that changed when people were asking us how we were able to travel as much as we do. This sparked the idea that we should be creating films showcasing our amazing earth & how we are able to experience more of it.

Without any formal videography or editing training, we started our YouTube Channel in July 2018. Here we document our travel destinations, create inspirational videos, and show online business building principles we use to make this life a reality. By publishing three new videos a week, we hope to inspire people to explore the possibilities that are available to us all.

We never knew the impact our videos would be making in other people's lives until we started receiving comments like these:


One of the questions people often ask us is "How do you earn income to travel full-time?"

The short answer... We built an online business.

After spending a couple years working towards figuring out how online businesses work (while we still had jobs and before Erin & I even met) we finally put all the puzzle pieces together.

When we started (like most people) we wasted a ton of time jumping from one shiny object to another. Come to find out, this is pretty normal.

From all this trial and error (the learning experience...) we built BE Adventure Partners where we create online courses that walk people through how to build a business online and we also infuse personal development through all of our content & trainings.

Our main goal with BEAP is to empower people to take life by the horns!
AND earn an independent living from what people already know & love 😄

We're here to help people connect the dots faster, which took us a few years to figure out.

Over the last year, we've debated about creating a Patreon page. Just like a lot of creators, we enjoy the work we do, but have been a bit modest when it comes to "charging"... 

BUT here's the thing... We teach people how to build sustainable online businesses. We also teach people that they have to charge what they are worth! 

Value is simply an exchange of energy. What you give, you will get in return. 

We figured if we started our Patreon page we could do a few more awesome things to enhance your experience:

  1. We could BE more free with our topics & language because we won't have to worry about the constraints & rules of channel "monetization"
  2. WAY less ad placement & sponsored videos
  3. We can keep creating, sharing the love, and provide more hot biz tips

If you've made it this far THANK YOU for reading our message! We're soo happy that you are here to share this journey with us! We know that not everyone has the means to contribute financially... But for those that do, we have some special PERKS for you! Check out the "Tiers" on this page to see what they are.

Regardless of your level of contribution... In order to keep the BEAP Channel going, simply watching, liking, commenting, and sharing our videos with your friends and family helps a ton and we appreciate your support no matter what form it comes in!

Adventure On!
- Brian + Erin

p.s. Curious to know more about Patreon? Check out their sweet video below.

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