is creating incoherent movie ramblings, mostly. Also videos of things.
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About BGAN

Hello, you gorgeous gaggle of growlers, you! This here? This is my place to essentially beg you all for money in a somewhat shameless manner. Not to say you won't get anything out of it, as I do have some perks if you're willing to drop the right amount.

Now, for the uninitiated or the new visitors to my particular brand of nonsense, let me lay it out plainly. I'm a movie critic who takes most things with the largest grain of salt imaginable. Like, so large it could crush us all to death. Imagine the horrified screams as salty death comes down upon the hopeless masses. They all look up, wishing for some kind of hero to save them. Isn't that lovely? Anyway, I talk about movies. Bad movies, mostly, but I generally cover whichever films spark my fancy or are required for me to cover by obligation. In truth though, I see myself mostly as an entertainer. I'm here to make you smile, snicker, guffaw, bwahahaha, and generally chuckle so hard that you toss your unguarded young into a wood-chipper due to a lack of being able to control your body from said laughter.

I also talk about other things in the geek purview such as comics, games, and toys. At the behest of others, I have even started recording myself playing games for my YouTube channel. Some people hate me for my views, some love me for them, and others just love watching me poke at angry bears until they blindly maul themselves.
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Being able to afford tickets to go see all these bloody movies. It would also allow me to afford proper editing software again, which would hopefully mean better videos. Every little bit helps and I could use a little help.
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