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About BGforge

The Forge is dedicated to collecting, preserving and multiplying knowledge about playing and modding classic computer games.

Some of our projects:
  • FO2tweaks, a collection of convenience tweaks, common sense changes, and cheats for Fallout 2.
  • BGforge MLS, a VScode extension adding support for Star-Trek Scripting Language used in Fallout 1 and 2 games, and various file formats used by WeiDU/Infinity Engine.
  • Many IE and Fallout mods are translated in our translation system.
  • Check out our site for more!

All BGforge projects are free for everyone to use. Because of that, we can't promise any exclusive content to the patrons.

What we can promise is that your ideas will be taken as seriously as our own. You can shape the direction in which the projects evolve. Your donation lets us know that you actually care.
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