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About BIG Open Movie Project

A documentary about basic income and humanity's quest for survival. A story about our past, present and future.

Whether you have heard of Basic Income or not, this independent film project will tell you an important story about Basic Income and the various experiments (including the late 60s U.S. experiments, the Canadian Mincome experiment, and current Ontario pilot and other pilots and experiments). This documentary weave the tale of human survival, progress and setbacks from our early days to modern days with a glance into the possibilities for our future.

A look at history of early communal economy, modern economy and a possible future under basic income.

We have been working on this documentary for several years now and conducted our first interview and fact finding on 2013. We are advancing the production with an aim to accelerate its completion. Most of the interviews are done but more animation, footage and post-production works needs to be done. Your help will allow us to complete this project sooner rather than later.

Some of the work includes animating infographics we created for this documentary like this Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

Volunteers to help in animation and various media assets is also welcome. This is an open movie project that will eventually be widely distributed online for free. Profit and commercialization is not the focus of this project and any contributions will be used to cover cost of production, post-production and raising awareness.

Originally produced assets (Blender or 3D animated models, digital arts, soundtracks, sound effects, other medias) with artist or creator's consent will be made available (upon official wide public release on the internet). This will allow educational institutions and other independent artist to use them for their projects.

More details about the projects and plan at:

Mindmap of the historical timeline pre-history and early human civilization.

Some animation styles for chapter or scene transition:

Note: The rewards/perks amounts are for a patron's one monthly contribution amount or total amount accumulated over the months at the time of the film project completion. Each reward item are limited to one per patron only. Any contributions after the film completion will be used to raise awareness about Basic Income, promote the film and provide free screening, and provide open assets / media for the public to use in promoting Basic Income.

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