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Members subscribing at this level or higher will be able to set their account to show their support on the forum (the blue name color and supporter nametag), as well as gain other simple 'members only' perks. Note that the changeover for this is not immediate, don't panic. There will be time and a lot of warning. If you do not want to pledge $9 a month, you can enter less than this and still feel warm fuzzies.

I want to stress, though, the first two rules of supporting Blue Moon:

1) If money is tight for you, do not donate money.
2) If money is tight for you, do not donate money.

BMR is and always will be free. Your life comes first.
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Members subscribing at $25 or higher will additionally be given early access to the alpha test for the new software I have been working on. This is still some months away, and even then it is only going to be a skeleton of a fully-fledged platform, so please don't pledge just for this.
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You really, really like what we do, and want to show it. : )

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About Blue Moon Roleplaying

Blue Moon Roleplaying is one of the largest play-by-post forums in the world and one of few that permits mature content. The forum is hosted on the same hardware that Elliquiy is and, between these two massive sites (with over thirty million posts and messages between them) takes a fair bit of hardware to run, as well as even more to provide reliable backups - both offsite and on.

We are a friendly and tight-knit writing community despite its ever-growing size, boasting corners for people garnering all sorts of interests: from gaming to anime, from art to music. It even has areas for those who like to engage in intellectual discussion or who just wish to mingle whether privately via PMs, post-by-post on the boards or even in real-time via the chat feature. It's a wonderful community where writers can come together and share creative ideas, hang out and just escape daily life for a little while.

That said, your support helps keep us running, and helps me keep some free time to make sure things continue to move smoothly. Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated, though your life comes first and if money is tight, wait for a better time to donate.

Thank you!

Note: Becoming a supporter of one forum is good for both. You don't need to become a Patron for each unless you really want to. : )
$263.05 of $600 per month
This covers the cost of the servers, domains, ssl, licensing, and so on. The basic costs of keeping the forums alive and fairly disaster proof.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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