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About Benjamin Medrano

My name is Benjamin Medrano, and I'm a fantasy author. I primarily write high fantasy lesbian romance, but have also written superheroes and dabbled in science fantasy. All with lesbian romance, really. I've written eight books as of this writing, and the ninth is going to be out in the near future.

Thus far I've been modestly successful, and for that I'm immensely grateful. I love to write and let people see the worlds that dance within my imagination, and I've got so many ideas it's difficult to get them out.

So why a Patreon?

To be perfectly blunt, my income varies wildly from month to month. I don't know many authors who can say they get a consistent amount month to month, and most of those are releasing a book monthly. I can't possibly maintain a pace like that, so my income surges some months, and drops incredibly low other months. This makes planning ahead difficult at best, and also means that I can't do something I'd love to do, commission art of more characters from my books to share. It also means I have to seriously consider whether or not I can afford to hire people to create high-quality maps of my worlds or audiobooks.

I want to have security which doesn't make me stress out from month to month, and to share the things that plenty of people have asked me about.

What do I want?

I'd like people to invest in me to make my life a little easier, so I don't have to worry so much and can focus on writing. If I can focus on that and breath easier, I'll be much happier and less stressed.

How will your patronage help?

If I can get an additional $500/month, that would be an immense relief for me. It would allow me to focus more easily on books and trying to produce better content for all of you. I'll even be able to save toward additional artwork to share with all of you.

What am I going to give?

Any patrons at the $5/month or higher tiers will get access to monthly exclusive content, which will be available to view digitally or download, depending on your tier. Once per month you'll receive one of the following:
  • A draft chapter (in order!) of a forthcoming novel;
  • A draft of a short story;
  • A draft chapter of a book that is currently on hiatus (also in order).
These need to be drafts for publishing purposes, and generally my writing has relatively few errors. This doesn't mean it's ready for publication, but you'll likely see what I'd share with my Alpha team. Most of these works will be published eventually, but not all will.

If you want to contribute more than $5/month? That's wonderful! I intend to add additional tiers that will give more rewards, possibly including higher resolution artwork, the ability to help me select the subject of art pieces, video Q&A responses.

If you want to learn more about my books, here are a few links:
$682.31 of $1,500 per month
Wow, if we can reach this level of income, it'll be far beyond what I expected! At this point, I'll likely be able to commission an art piece every other month. (If I do, please remember that when I receive the art is another question entirely!)
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