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About Best of Friends Podcast

Best Of Friends is a weekly podcast in which Erin Mallory Long and Jamie Woodham hilariously guide you through every episode of FRIENDS from beginning to end (often with the help of many wonderful guests). By supporting BOF through Patreon, you will not only make it easier and more cost-efficient for this show to exist, but you will also enable us to explore exciting new podcast territory! Do you want to hear more Friends alums join us to discuss the show? So do we! Do you think it would be awesome to hear on-location recordings from actual Friends locations? So do we! Do you want to see us in person, hosting a live Best Of Friends show in a city near you? SO. DO. WE. By pledging to contribute whatever you may be able to, you can make all these things and more a reality! So what are you waiting for? Let's get floopy!

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