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About Yonv

BISHOP takes you on one of the dopest journeys you'll ever hear in this captivating podcast. As an American violinist/pianist living in Rome, Italy, Bishop finds himself in a world where cultures collide and where he engages in absurd and often comical arguments on: love, religion, relationships, children, ocassionally being locked in elevators and so much more.

Your contribution to this project will fund more episodes of the podcast, fund the filming of some of the episodes, the filming of the pilot to BRUH: Bears, Blackface & BBQ and more importantly, will allow many talented black italian actors & actresses a platform that is vital to their experiences and of the communities that they represent.

We can't wait to share our stories with you.

Thank you for your contribution.

About BRUH...
BRUH (Black Roman Unapologetic Here) is an original TV series that will feature the first Roman film project to feature an all black main cast. Bishop is one of the main characters and the podcast will provide backstory which will therefore serve to enrich the audience's overall experience with both projects. 

In a 24 hour period, we follow 9 members of Rome's black community as they unknowingly navigate through the obstacles created by a mysterious cyber attack while simply trying to live a normal life which involves personal and social challenges, such as romantic relationships, school, being a black Italian and a black American in Rome, etc.
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When I reach 300€ a month, I will purchase a shotgun mic needed for filming select podcast episodes. 
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