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Thank you, weedling

$1 /mo
you will be credited in the descriptions of each of my videos.


$5 /mo
When you pledge just $5, you will receive a link to download all my custom 2D graphics, textures, PSD CS6 files, and photographs (Both RAW CR2 format and JPEG) used in my art and videos. These grap...

Bard's Herbs

$20 /mo
When you pledge $20, you will receive the previous reward tiers, plus you will receive a flat-colour drawing of what ever you like per month! Just make sure to tell me what you would like drawn up ...

Plants of Peace

$40 /mo
In addition to other reward tiers, once every 2 months, I will make a video about anything you want. So long as it won't get me shot, in trouble, or in prison. I am prepared for your ideas to be ou...

Gods of Grass and Starlight

$50 /mo
Producer credits in description, AND at the end of videos that have a black Endslate. Plus all the perks from Bard's Herbs.