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I see you and I like what you're doing! Patrons on the Jazz Hands level are really excited about what I'm doing and just want to make sure I know it. Jazz Hands level patrons get a monthly update post, it will talk about my future plans and will give me a chance to talk about what I'm offering to higher level patrons. Jazz Hands patrons also get early access to all public posts.

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You like what I'm doing and you want to do a little extra. This is the tier for you. You get the monthly update post and early access to all public posts. Additionally, I will post 1 "Dinner and a Movie" blog a month. I will pair a menu to a specific movie. Additionally, I'll be asking patrons donating at this level and higher for their thoughts and opinions on a wide range of topics related to what I'm doing here on Patreon and beyond.

Dank Memes
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Ok, you really want to help me. You get all the previously mentioned benefits. Plus, I'll do a monthly "You can craft it too" post where I walk you through a craft project. I'll even tell you where to buy the supplies and how much it should cost. I also will thank all Dank Memes level patrons in the monthly update post or in the future as part of  public video post.



About Catherine

I'm not me unless I'm making things. Or well, I'm a less complete me. I have the skills and desire to turn a hobby into a business, I just need to buckle down and start the grind. Ok, that's not completely true, I also need a support system while I do this. That's where you come in, as patrons your financial contributions are helping me pay for vital components to help my small business get off the ground and onto a steady course.

Who am I? I'm Cat. I'm pagan, I'm a kitchen witch. I'm an artist with a wide range of interests. I love Bob Ross, Deadpool, and Star Trek. My favorite color is purple and I'm always buying more tea. I love cooking and teaching others how to cook. I'm a huge movie fan, I prefer horror, and my secret guilty pleasure is director commentaries on dvds. If you choose to join me on this journey you won't just get access to my art and my business, you'll also get access to me. You'll see some parts of my private life, I'll probably talk about my physical and mental health, my joys, my fears. 

I don't know where this path is going, I don't know where it will end up, but I can promise a really interesting trip.
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If I reach an earnings goal of $50 I will post an additional monthly haul video to all tiers. Higher tiers will get extra videos and posts added as well.
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